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Abuse and Neglect Victims

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Following is a list of the 42 children who are believed to be among those listed by the state Department of Human Services as child abuse and neglect deaths between July 1, 1996, and June 30, 1997.

The Oklahoman used DHS statistics to compile the list. However, DHS will not reveal children's names. So reporters searched medical examiner reports, court files, and prior news stories to match date of death, race, sex, age and county of residence with Oklahoma children who died.

Because of confidentiality laws, the identities of three children could not be located.

Shanya Holder , 3 months, of Fairmont apparently died Aug. 24, 1996. Her father, Michael Holder, then 23, said Shanya slipped out of his arms when he was putting her in the car. He caught her around the neck before she hit the ground. She then quit breathing. Prosecutors said he shook her to death, but a jury acquitted him in July 1997.

Andriana Rivas , 22 months, of Altus was beaten and probably shaken to death April 5, 1997. A jury convicted the mother's boyfriend, Jimmy Esquivel, of killing her while baby-sitting. Esquivel was 17 at the time and is serving a life sentence without parole.

Bailey Maytubby , 4 months, died of asphyxia in an Ardmore motel room Nov. 5, 1996. Bailey's mother was working while her husband, Shon Maytubby, cared for the baby. Authorities said he waited at least an hour after Bailey was dead before calling for help. Maytubby, then 21, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Daquinlin McKnight , 2, of Fort Sill, died Nov. 22, 1996, after being scalded. Authorities said the child's stepfather, Robert Evans, then 22, held Daquinlin in a tub of hot water that left the child with burns over 35 percent of his body. The child died a few days later from burn-related internal bleeding. Jurors convicted Evans, a Fort Sill soldier, of murder. He's serving a life sentence.

Baby Vandevender , newborn girl, was tossed after birth into a trash bin in Lawton on Dec. 3, 1996. Authorities learned of the mother, a Cameron University student, when she went to a hospital for treatment shortly after. Police found the infant wrapped in a plastic trash bag and thrown in a garbage bin near the church. Diana Lynn Vandevender, 22, will face a jury May 4 on a second-degree murder charge.

Laura Condry , 8, died after falling into an ice-covered farm pond in Comanche County. Her father pulled Laura's companion, William Capshaw, from the pond, but was unable to save her. William, 4, died the next day. DHS ruled Laura's and William's deaths as neglect.

Tessa Leadford , 1, was beaten to death in Chickasha on Feb. 21, 1997. Authorities said Tessa had been beaten over 19 days while her mother worked. Mary Ann Leadford checked on her daughter each morning to make sure she was alive, but didn't take her to the doctor, authorities said. The girl would have new injuries each day.

Examiners found broken ribs, bruises covering her body, a crushed skull and internal bleeding. Jurors took only 15 minutes to convict her father, James Patrick Malicoat, of murder. He is on death row. A jury also convicted Tessa's mother of murder for permitting the abuse. She is serving a life sentence without parole.

Jonathan Douglas-Hunt , 4, died in an Oklahoma City house fire July 28, 1996. Firefighters said the family was using candles because the utilities were cut off. The home also lacked a smoke detector. Jonathan's 11-year-old sister was critically injured in the blaze. DHS ruled Jonathan's death as neglect.

Kyle Mauldin , 22 months old, died July 19, 1996, of a skull fracture. His mother's boyfriend, Bobby Lewis Fitch, said Kyle choked on a hot dog, but authorities said Fitch tortured the boy - and that his mother allowed it.

Fitch, 19, is set for a murder trial June 8. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Kyle's mother, Rachelle Leteese Mauldin, 20, pleaded guilty to permitting child abuse and was sentenced to two years in prison. The couple resided in Oklahoma City.

Dustin Cooper , 5, was accidentally shot to death July 8, 1996, in his Oklahoma City home. Authorities said Dustin's step-grandfather was handling a gun when it accidentally fired and killed the boy. Police called the shooting an accident; DHS ruled it as neglect.

Lenora Redd , 9 months, of Edmond died from suffocation Oct. 23, 1996. Her mother, Teresa Renae Redd, brought Lenora to Children's Hospital for a breathing problem. Authorities said Redd then silenced the alarm on Lenora's apnea monitor and smothered her. A physician diagnosed the mother with Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a personality disorder in which a guardian or parent, most often a mother, fabricates an illness or injury in a child to gain attention and sympathy.

Teresa Redd was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Penny Ingram , 7, and her sister, Costella , 3, died in a Nov. 2, 1996, house fire in Oklahoma City. They were two of five children living in the home that had no smoke detector. Firefighters rescued the other three children.

Johnny Bickerstaff , 15, of Oklahoma City died from a gunshot wound to the face Jan. 4, 1997. His father, Walter Bickerstaff, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for manslaughter. Authorities said the father engaged his son in a quick-draw contest while drunk. DHS ruled it both neglect and abuse.

Caressa Needham , 4 months, burned to death Feb. 21, 1997, after her parents left her in a car seat on top of a gas stove in their Oklahoma City home.

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